Free Spirit 'S' Range

Free Spirit 'S' Range Arguably already classic rods this range originally started with the E.S. and X.S. Unlike many companies we take great pains to create the best possible rods before launching them so we don't need to keep changing models unless something significantly better in material is developed.

These rods have such a following and reputation that we could not contemplate changing this series.

The blanks are slim and light with semi-progressive curves that suit anglers liking a rod with more feel for fish playing. The exceptions are the X.S.’ive and X.S.R. that have been designed with distance in mind, although these are also more parabolic than the Hi-'S' range.

All the 'S' range are built on 36t Low Resin Carbon blanks with an attractive 3k weave and 'Perdurable' finish drastically reducing the softening process of the blank. We have added significantly to the range to cater for all requirements from small waters to extreme range.

You can choose to customise this rod, or you can buy online, as standard finish from