Rebuild Work:

Unfortunately due to the work load that we have on Vic cannot undertake any rebuild or repair work.


Writing on Rods:

As standard all blanks come to us with no writing or transfers at all, if you require the name or manufactuer on the blank Vic will handwrite it, you just need to tell us what you would like on the rods, the personalisation section onthe site can be used but we are very flexible on what we can do for you so please ask..


How long do rods take to build:

Build times vary dependant on the time of year, during the winter when it tends to be quiter we can complete orders in as little as 6-7 weeks, other times it can go up to 10-12 weeks, please contact us if you would like to know our current lead time.

We can never guarantee a build time as Vic is not only a craftsman that wont rush things his also does fall ill occasionally and we even let him take a holiday now and again, being that he alone makes every aspect of the rod it does means that occasionally builds can fall outside of predicted times.



We are not currently taking payments online, all orders will be confirmed by phone, we accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal.


Rod Bags:

All of our rods come supplied in clear plastic sleeves only, the vast majority of people dont require cloth bags as they leave rods set up with reels on so rather than having to increase the cost of the rod by £10 to include a cloth bag we just supply them in the plastic sleeve that Vic puts them in once built.