Free Spirit E-Class Short Rods

Free Spirit E-Class Short Rods The use of 40t carbon insures blanks are light in weight yet powerful and responsive and with the 'Perdurable' blank finish will last a lifetime.

The Surface Creeper is a dedicated floater rod designed with a very soft, sensitive tip to handle small controllers and light nylon hook links and at 11' it is still a useful stalking rod especially when free-lining. The Bank Creeper 10' has an effective test curve around 2½lb and with its soft tip easily handles the lunges of big fish. The Bank Creeper 'E' 10’ S.U. with a test of around 3lb is ideal for boating out baits and playing and landing carp from the boat. The Margin Creeper 8'6" is ideal for the very mobile angler and doubles up as a useful lure rod for the all-rounder. The Tree Creeper, on the other hand, is designed for fishing in the deep undergrowth and poking through holes in trees.

You can choose to customise this rod, or you can buy online, as standard finish from